3I think its just as important to like your make-up artist as it is to like the make-up!

I’m going to be there on the most important day of your life so I expect you’d like to know about me and also some of the artists that work with me.

I’ve always loved hair and make-up, and with two sisters, I had a lot of fun with it when we were younger.  I started my career as a financial adviser and later a business analyst which I loved, however it just didn’t tick the ‘creative’ box for me.

I did a course in make up at the London College of Fashion, which I paid for using a bonus from work about 10 years ago.  My work were also kind enough to give me the time off that I needed.  This course gave me the foundation of make-up application for which to build on.  Since then I have worked with hundreds of brides and love my job so much.

I got married myself in September 2013 to my long suffering husband and daddy to our two lovely children, Eva 3 and Harry 1.